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Airbrush Tanning - Services

Airbrush Tanning - 40.00

In just a few minutes, you will go from Winter pale to "just got back from the beach". Norvell Spray tanning is safe and easy. We spray a customized self-tanner all over your body and, in a day a beautiful tan will surface.

Ready to get the sexy glow of a Norvell Spray tan?! Follow these tips to establish a beautiful tan & maintain it.

To prepare:

Exfoliate your entire body either with a washcloth or a body scrub. Pay special attention to the elbows, knees & ankles as these areas tend to be drier. Do this to your face as well. Remember to shave during this time as you don't want to do this after your airbrush tan. Do not put any lotion on.

At appointment time:

Come to the appointment with loose dark clothing on...or bring it with you to change into after the tan. Tight clothing can rub off the DHA bronzer & smear the cosmetic bronzer. Do not wear jeans of any kind & avoid silk & polyesters if you can help it. The bronzer will wash out of most fabrics but not so well with the ones just listed!

Please come in with no makeup, no lotion & no deodorant for an even glow. The tan will take about 20 minutes to apply & will take 6-8 hours to develop.

Invidia supplies disposable undergarments as they don't always leave the best tan lines. We suggest that you bring in some small undergarments of your own or you can purchase our Norvell bronzing lotion to help buff in the lines.

Immediately after:

You should avoid activities that may cause you to sweat excessively. Use the air conditioning in your car on a hot day as you want to avoid perspiring all together. Any water that comes into contact with the skin will stop the DHA process & the skin from tanning, so if it's raining during your appointment time, be sure to bring an umbrella! If you have leather seats in your car and you are wearing shorts, throw a towel down before sitting down and the same with sofas.

After tan develops:

The first time you get in the shower after your airbrush tan, you will just want to rinse off with water only.  When the water runs clear, that means the bronzer guide should be off the skin just as it is designed to do. Please note that the bronzer is a guide for the technician applying the spray tan so we can see where we have sprayed you!

When getting out of the shower & drying off, blot or dab your skin but never rub. If you have lighter colored towels, you may see some color transfer but this is normal & will wash out. At this time, you may apply a nice moisturizing Norvell body lotion. We sell all retail products to prolong & extend your beautiful bronzed body!

Maintaining your airbrush tan:

Your Invidia Norvell Spray Tan can last up to 7-10 days. Make sure that you moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! Taking long baths and chlorine from pools & jacuzzis can cause your tan to fade faster. If you want to keep the glow going, feel free to apply a body lotion with self tanner. Invidia carries a fantastic Norvell line that we think you will love for face & Body. We also offer special body scrubs to use in the shower & to made for your airbrush tan to keep it fresh & bright!!

Invidia Norvell Spray Tans are NEVER orange. Your skin develops into a beautiful caramel color no matter what your skin tone without any streaking or splotches. In just a few minutes, you will go from Winter pale to "just got back from the beach"!!

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